Many advances have been made in vision correction giving patients more choices than ever before. At The Eye Associates, we take pride in always staying on the cutting edge of technology and providing our patients with the most advanced procedures. While LASIK is still the leader in vision correction, there are other options available for those who want to be less dependent on glasses and contacts. The following is information on some of those options, but the only way to find out which procedure would be best for you is to come in for an appointment with one of our experienced physicians who will carefully analyze your eyes to determine the best choice for your vision.

If you would like to be evaluated for a vision correction procedure, please contact The Eye Associates at (941) 792-2020 to make an appointment.

Clear Lens Replacement(CLR) - also known as Refractive Lens Exchange

Have you been told that you’re not a candidate for LASIK? Thanks to a procedure called Clear Lens Replacement, there is another choice for you. Clear Lens Replacement, or CLR, is a surgical procedure designed to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. Unlike other refractive procedures like LASIK that change the shape of the cornea, CLR corrects your vision by removing the natural crystalline lens in the eye and replacing it with a new artificial lens, called an IOL, of a different focusing power. This is much like what happens in cataract surgery; however, in cataract surgery the removed lens, called a cataract, is clouded, whereas in CLR, the removed lens is clear. State-of-the-art ultrasound instruments are used to measure your eye for the correct lens power, taking your lifestyle and desired activities into consideration. These custom measurements are entered into sophisticated formulas to calculate your personalized treatment.

Clear Lens Replacement has been performed extensively in Europe for years with excellent results. The number of CLR procedures performed in the United States has dramatically increased in the last few years due to the elevated interest in vision correction procedures.

The only way to find out which procedure would be best for you is to come in for an appointment with one of our experienced physicians who will carefully analyze your eyes. If you would like to be evaluated for Clear Lens Replacement, please call The Eye Associates at 1-866-865-2020 to make an appointment for a FREE CLR screening with Dr. Cathleen McCabe or Dr. Brian Foster.

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CLR and High Tech Lenses for Reducing the Dependence on Glasses

Since Clear Lens Replacement is best suited for people over 50, the high tech lens implants are a great match for this procedure. Most people at this age begin to lose "accommodation” and their ability to focus from near to far without the need for reading glasses, bifocals, or progressive lenses. In the past, CLR patients would automatically receive a single focus IOL. These single focus IOLs provided patients with good functional distance vision, but offered little benefit for a full range of vision. Typically reading glasses or bifocals were used for near vision, making most patients dependent on glasses even after the surgery. But now with the FDA approved high tech lens implants, The Eye Associates is able to offer patients the possibility of improving their vision to a level perhaps not experienced even before the surgery. The crystalens®, the ReSTOR® and the TECNIS® Multifocal are some of the most technologically advanced high tech lenses on the market today that help patients reduce their day to day dependency on glasses and contacts.

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CLR Patient Testimonial"Now that I am glasses-free, I feel more confident about everything I do. My golf game has even improved! Dr. McCabe's reputation and experience made her the perfect choice to do my clear lens replacement (CLR) surgery. I cannot thank her enough."    - Tony Panico

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Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL)

Have you been told you are not a candidate for LASIK? Many patients are not good candidates for LASIK due to the shape of their cornea or due to a high level of nearsightedness. Often, these patients are candidates for an Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) or phakic intraocular lens. The lens is placed inside the eye in front of the natural lens and behind the iris. You retain the ability to focus for near activities and the procedure is reversible unlike LASIK. ICL can be a great option for patients that are highly dependent on their glasses and who otherwise thought they were not able to have vision correction surgery. To learn more about this technology, and to schedule a consultation with Dr. McCabe or Dr. Foster please contact us or call 1-866-865-2020.

If you would like to discuss the treatment possibilities of Multifocal IOLs, LASIK, or any of our other vision correction procedures, contact The Eye Associates for a FREE LASIK Screening.

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