Comprehensive Primary Eyecare

Your eyesight is one of your most precious senses, and protecting it should be a top priority. Your everyday activities, and even your safety, depend on maintaining good vision. It is estimated that one person becomes blind every 11 minutes due to injury, aging, or disease. A proactive approach of early detection and treatment can prevent the occurrence of half of these tragedies. Many eye diseases develop slowly without symptoms, so a yearly eye exam is the most crucial step to ensure that problems are caught early.

Perhaps you think that your eye doctor is only evaluating your eyes for glasses and contacts during your examination. He/she will also be looking for eye diseases as well as other health issues. Your eyes are an indicator of your overall general health, and many times other health conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, may manifest symptoms in the eyes before showing up in other parts of the body.

Five Good Reasons You Should See Your Eye Doctor Regularly

1. Comprehensive Eye Exams Save Sight

Many serious vision problems are symptom-free and go undetected until it’s too late. With a dilated comprehensive eye examination, the doctor is able to exam your eye health as well as your need for glasses. Remember, the key to saving sight is with early detection and treatment.

2. Proactive Care for Aging Eyes

Ninety percent of people over 45 years of age need corrective lenses; many for the first time due to their inability to see things up close. Cataracts can be slow growing and affect vision in such a gradual way that you don’t even realize that you have lost vision. Half of all people with glaucoma risk permanent damage because they are unaware they have it. And diabetics with diabetic retinopathy are asymptomatic at the most treatable stage. A yearly comprehensive eye exam can determine whether you have any of these problems and if treatment is needed.

3. Importance of Kid Care

While parents recognize the value of routine dental care, quite often they underestimate the importance of testing their child’s vision. One in four children have an undiagnosed vision problem and since 80 percent of all learning is through the visual system, decreased vision can significantly affect educational and sports performance. Many times, children will not complain of vision problems simply because they don't know what "normal" vision looks like. We recommend a child have their first eye exam by age 3, and then just before they enter kindergarten. Of course, any child performing poorly at school should have an eye exam to rule out an underlying visual cause.

4. New Procedures and Technology

The eyecare industry is constantly advancing and improving. There are many wonderful new technologies now available for conditions that we may have been unable to treat in the past. Since your vision is among the most valued of all senses, it’s time well spent to have an eye examination as part of your yearly health schedule.

5. Your Eyes are an Indicator of Overall Health

Your eyes can tell a lot about the overall health of your entire body. During a comprehensive eye exam, we look for signs of potential medical conditions. Through dilated pupils, an eye doctor can reveal the presence of undiagnosed hypertension, multiple sclerosis, strokes, diabetes, kidney problems, and even brain tumors. Find out more in our patient education section.

To schedule an eye examination appointment, contact The Eye Associates via email or call us at (941) 792-2020 or toll free 1-866-865-2020.

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Community Vision Screenings

The Eye Associates' Vision Screening Team offers free screenings for distance vision and glaucoma. There’s no question that good eyesight is one of your most valuable senses. Everyday activities as well as your safety depend on being able to see well. However, aging and disease can rob you of your vision, sometimes silently and without symptoms. That’s why The Eye Associates offers free vision screenings and lectures to educate the public about eyecare and how to keep the eyes healthy.

The Vision Screening Team will travel to businesses and communities to perform the following FREE services:

  • FREE Distance vision screenings
  • FREE Glaucoma pressure screenings - no dilation required

Thousands of people have taken advantage of this sight-saving service through their homeowner's association or place of employment.

For information on making a reservation to have the Vision Screening Team visit your area or place of business, please contact The Eye Associates today or call Pam at (941) 737-0861.

Clinical Research Studies

The Eye Associates feels that it’s important to always be on the cutting edge of new technology. Our physicians and staff routinely attend national educational meetings and workshops to learn about the latest treatments for our patients. Because of this, The Eye Associates has been chosen to participate in many clinical studies in order to advance eye-related research and bring the latest treatments to patients.

The Eye Associates conducts various clinical research studies on Glaucoma, Cataracts, Dry Eyes, Retinal Problems and more. To find out the studies that are being conducted at this time, or for more information please contact Karen Hagin at (941) 792-3937 ext. 2272 or KHagin@TheEyeAssociates.com.

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Hearing Clinic

Under the direction of:
John Limbrunner, BCHIS
Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

You asked for it, and we listened! The Eye Associates has added a Hearing Clinic to its host of patient care services.

Hearing services offered include:
FREE Full Diagnostic Evaluation
Custom Modifications of Hearing Aids
Free Servicing of Most Models of Hearing Aids
Check for wax
Replacement tubing
Battery compartment cleaning
Sale of hearing aid batteries

30 day, money back guarantee

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional care by customizing an affordable hearing solution that fits your lifestyle and expectations. By using the most sophisticated testing equipment, we are now able to diagnose your hearing condition and provide you with a hearing aid that is so tiny, it is almost invisible. From custom fit to ready-to-wear (new open fit) models, your hearing aids from The Eye Associates will provide you the best in digital clarity, modern design and wearable comfort.

  • Hearing loss affects over 30 million Americans.
  • Over 80% of people with hearing loss go undiagnosed and remain untreated.

Ask yourself the following questions:
- Do you avoid crowded places because of difficulty hearing conversations?
- Do you have ringing or other noises in your ears?
- Do you have difficulty understanding women or young children?
- Have others told you that you don’t seem to hear?
- Do others complain that you watch TV with the volume too high?
- Do you frequently have to ask others to repeat themselves?
- In everyday conversations, does it seem like people are mumbling?
- Do you have trouble determining where sounds originate from?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, contact us or call 941-792-2020 to schedule your FREE Full Hearing Evaluation with our Hearing Instrument Specialist, John Limbrunner, today!

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