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Risk Factors

Know Your Risk Factors For Glaucoma

  1. Does a family member have glaucoma? Glaucoma occurs twice as frequently among people who have a blood relative with glaucoma.
  2. Are you African-American and of Afro-Caribbean descent? If so, you are more likely to develop glaucoma and at a younger age.
  3. Are you over 50?
  4. Have you had an eye injury or eye surgery?
  5. Are you nearsighted?
  6. Have you taken steroids over an extended period of time?
  7. Do you have diabetes, anemia, and hardening of the arteries?

Answering YES to any of the above questions could mean that you are at risk for glaucoma.

The only way to know for sure that you do not have glaucoma is to have a comprehensive medical eye examination. If you are over 39 years of age, you should have an examination at least every two years. If you have any of the indicators listed above that put you at a higher risk for glaucoma, you should be tested once a year. Glaucoma is more prevalent with age, so anyone 60 years old or older should have a complete medical eye examination every year.

If you have glaucoma, or have any of the above indicators that make you at higher risk for glaucoma, and would like to be evaluated by one of our Board Certified Eye Physicians, please call us toll free 1-866-865-2020 or contact The Eye Associates.