1) Eye Exams Save Sight

Some sight-threatening eye diseases do not have early warning signs, and many can only be detected during a dilated eye exam.

2) Eye Exams Detect Other Health Problems Too

Many general health problems are often first detected during a routine comprehensive eye exam, because the eye is the only place where blood vessels can be viewed without a surgical procedure.

3) Good Vision Increases Safety

Poor vision can have an adverse effect on many life issues, such as depression, increased car accidents, drug-related errors, and falls. Falls are among the leading causes of death of people 65 and older.

4) Vision Affects a Child’s Success in Life

80% of all learning is through the visual system, and decreased vision can significantly affect childrens’ grades, athletic performance and even social interaction.

5) Changing Eyecare Technology

Sight-saving technology is changing at an astonishing rate. Conditions once considered untreatable are now able to be corrected with cutting-edge technology.

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