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Comprehensive Hearing Services

Seeing Hearing Patients in Bradenton, Sarasota, Ellenton, & Sun City Center, FL

FREE Hearing Evaluations

Click here if you would like to book a FREE Hearing Evaluation or call toll free at 1-866-865-2020.

The statistics about hearing loss are startling. 

  • Hearing loss affects over 30 million Americans.
  • Over 80% of people with hearing loss go undiagnosed and remain untreated.
  • Often those with hearing impairments are misdiagnosed with dementia and alzheimers.
  • It has been reported that it causes more isolation than vision loss, resulting in deeper depression.
  • Falls are a leading cause of injury and death in older Americans. Hearing loss and vision problems are a risk factor for balance issues and falls.

Because we know that it impacts one’s lifestyle and safety, The Eye Associates decided to add this important service to our list of services. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional care by customizing an affordable hearing solution that fits your lifestyle and expectations. By using the most sophisticated testing equipment, we are now able to diagnose your hearing condition and provide you with a hearing aid, many so tiny that they are almost invisible. From custom-fit to ready-to-wear models, your hearing aids from The Eye Associates will provide you the best in digital clarity, modern design and comfort.

Services offered include:
FREE Full Diagnostic Evaluations
Custom Modifications of Hearing Aids
FREE Programming of Hearing Aids
3 Years of FREE Batteries when you buy your instruments from us
Sale of Batteries
FREE Second Opinions

Free Servicing of Most Models of Aids including:
Check for wax
Replacement tubing
Battery compartment cleaning

We keep our cost low but not our quality. And we even give you a FREE 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t think your new hearing aid enhances your quality of life, return it for a full refund.

Click here if you would like to book a FREE Hearing Evaluation or call toll free at 1-866-865-2020.
When making an appointment for an evaluation, we also encourage you to bring a loved one with you to help with the speech testing. It is their voice that is important for you to hear well; not ours.