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Community Outreach

Eye Associates Transportation Vehicle The SightMobile and The Eye Associates’ Vision Screening Team
There’s no question that good eyesight is one of your most valuable senses. Everyday activities, as well as your safety, depend on being able to see well. However, aging and disease can rob you of your vision, sometimes silently and without symptoms. That’s why The Eye Associates offers FREE vision screenings and lectures to educate the public about eyecare and how to keep the eyes healthy.

Driver and passengers on the Eye Associates Transportation Vehicle's Maiden Voyage

The Vision Screening Team will travel to businesses and communities to perform the following FREE services:
• FREE Distance vision screenings
• FREE Glaucoma pressure screenings – no dilation required

Staff working the Eye Associates Information Booth

For information on making a reservation to have the Vision Screening Team visit your organization, please contact The Eye Associates today.

Lighthouse of Manasota

Lighthouse International has been a leader in helping people of all ages who are experiencing vision loss. The Eye Associates’ Dr. Scott Han is pleased to have served on the board of Lighthouse Manasota. This amazing organization provides training in skills that promote self-sufficiency and confidence in individuals who have vision loss. The programs foster independence, productivity, and improved quality of life. We encourage you to support this wonderful organization.

Southeastern Guide Dog, Inc.

The Eye Associates has enjoyed a long association with The Southeastern Guide Dog (SEGD) organization. Dr. Harris Silverman, Founder of The Eye Associates, was also a founding member of SEGD. Their mission is to create and nurture partnerships between a visually impaired individual and a specially trained guide dog. They offer several services including Paws for Independence, Paws for Patriots and Gifted Canines. We have supported this worthy organization for more than 30 years.

Lions Recycle of Sight

The Eye Associates is proud to be a Lions collection center. Recycled eyewear can make a difference in lives across the globe, helping children and adults who lack access to basic eyecare. Wearing corrective lenses enables some people to experience good vision for the first time, literally changing their lives. You too can help give the gift of sight to those less fortunate; just stop by The Optical Gallery and drop off your used eyeglasses.

Cataract Surgery Mission Trips

Many of our surgeons and physicians donate their time, vast knowledge and skills to give the gift of sight to others less fortunate. Dr. Cathleen McCabe, Dr. Brian Foster, Dr. Michael Camp and Dr. Joshua Mali have participated in mission trips organized by the Mobile Medical Mission Hospital (MMMH). “It is truly gratifying to make such a positive difference in the lives of patients who do not have access to the expert care and sophisticated equipment we are accustomed to in our own community,” said Dr. McCabe, cataract surgeon at The Eye Associates.

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