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Patient Stories

Elenore L.

Dr. Rubin has been my doctor for 33 years. He takes very good care of me. He helped with the cataract follow up, etc.
He also checks for my Diabetic retinopathy during each exam and sends the report to my family Doctor.
I have shared him with several friends who like him as much as I do and will continue to recommend him whenever able.

Wayne M.

I had 20/50 vision in my left eye. Dr. McCabe used a LASER which was painless, and right away my vision improved dramatically.  Now one month later my vision is 20/20! I call her "Wonder Woman" because she does an outstanding job in a very compassionate manner.  She is #1 in my book.

James C.

"I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how wonderful I think Dr. Friedman has been at The Eye Associates. He is caring, competent and efficient. It has been, if it can be said when you have a medical problem, a real pleasure dealing with him. I sing his praises to all I come in contact with."

Sheldon R.

"Dr. Robert Friedman is a brilliant ophthalmologist. He is a gentleman that goes beyond investigating your concerns and medical ailments. Dr. Friedman is in a class of his own."


"Thank you, Dr. McCabe, for the incredible, life-changing, miraculous gift you have given me! May your talents continue to bless others as I have been blessed. "

Doris B.

What I like most are all of the staff members there. And I also appreciated having my hand held during the operation; it was very comforting to me.

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Helen M.

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone we came in contact with at your office at 6002 Pointe West Blvd in Bradenton, FL. We have never been treated with as much care and concern as we were at your office. My husband has a lot of problems, but your people were so kind and caring. We will certainly recommend your office to all.

Harold P.

You certainly have my permission to use my comments asserting what an excellent practice you have, and how you were able to handle my situation with understanding and fine medical care. The front office staff was most helpful in calming my anxieties. Dr. Han was instrumental in diagnosing my retinal problem and was most pleasant and professional.

Ann T.

Dr. Detweiler saw me right away, after I suddenly got flashers and floaters. He has a wonderful manner about him and is an excellent optometrist.

Mary G.

I liked the organization, cleanliness, efficiency, and cooperation with each other. I can’t imagine anything better. I am so happy and amazed. I can see again.

Katie H.

“As a workers compensation insurance adjuster, I sit in front of a computer for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week minimum. I spend my day managing the care for over 200 critically injured workers with injuries ranging from chronic pain conditions to paraplegics who need 24 care. Recently my company felt that having 2 computer screens would help to increase productivity. After staring at 2 screens, one new and one old with different contrasts for 40hours a week I could not see straight anymore. I have had some health issues over the past few years and have suffered from retinal hemorrhaging, severe eye fatigue, and migraine auras which cause a visual disturbance. I have also had LASIK as I was considered legally blind, although I am no longer legally blind I still require eye glasses. As a result of the LASIK it is a common side-effect to suffer from dry eye. To complicate things, when working on a computer we blink less often which only aggravates a dry eye condition. My mom, in her research of all things to make her daughter feel better, came across glasses used to block the blue light emitted from computers. After more research we came to find out that a company called Gunnar makes the blue light blocking glasses with a prescription. Luckily right in our home of Sun City we discovered that Eye Associates had Gunnar glasses available. I have been using my Gunnar glasses for almost a month now. My computer screens although they have different contrasts, look the same with my Gunnar’s and I have not had one visually induced migraine. At the end of the day my eyes are no longer dry and now I can even tolerate getting on the computer at home in the evenings. I will not work on a computer without my Gunnar’s ever again. Thank you Eye Associates!” K. Harmon

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Margaret M.

Dr. Han is one of the kindest doctors I’ve ever had. When other treatments weren’t working to improve my Dry Eyes, he suggested using punctal plugs to retain my natural tears. He explained everything to me and let me make the choice. I noticed an immediate difference in how comfortable my eyes were. It was like my whole world got turned around. I hope that Dr. Han is always and forever at The Eye Associates. I like to say that I’ve been blessed with the best!

Kim C.

"With my hectic work schedule I have been unable to tell Dr. Camp how much I love the new contacts he prescribed for me. Just awesome. Thank you for the time and care you spend with your patients - I haven't been this happy with contact lenses EVER!!! You are the best. Thank you!"

J.C. Gold

"I am a wartime disabled veteran and when the VA at Bay Pines was unable to get me in to see an optometrist at the VA, I was sent to the Point West clinic to see Dr. Han. Upon arrival, I was greeted and thanked for my service in the military. Then an assistant, Teresa, took it from there and did a diagnostic and prepped me to see Dr. Han. Teresa has a great personality and is a real feather in your cap and I wanted her to get special recognition and a letter placed in their employment file. Dr. Han was very professional and I enjoyed the time I spent with him as well. I witnessed upbeat, personable and professional employees. That says a lot considering the times we live in and the “me” generation. May God Bless you and your company and God Bless the United States of America!"

Donna J.

Thank you Eye Associates for having such an amazing staff. I cannot give enough praise to Dr. Han for taking such good care of me and for referring me to Dr. McCabe for my cataract surgery. Dr. McCabe is the "wonder" woman of cataract surgery. I have had both of my eyes done and the results are truly, truly amazing. I cannot believe the difference in my eyesight! Thank you seems like such a small thing to say to such an AWESOME doctor. The entire staff at all of the offices are truly professional and caring group of special people.


Dr. Anthony and his entire staff were excellent. The communication and professionalism was refreshingly excellent. The procedure was relatively painless and everyone seemed to be dedicated to patient comfort.

Thank you for an excellent experience!!


Dr. Berger's assistant, Shelly is always very nice and very professional. My 92-year-old mother comes in for the macular clinic frequently, and she is always happy when Shelly is assisting.


I love my Dr. Camp. So are the staff, Pam, Melba, Liz and Irene were awesome. The new office is awesome. (Absolutely the best service)


I vetted 30 surgeons before selecting Dr. Foster for my cataract/IOL surgeries. Having had a career in ophthalmology myself, I knew what to look for in a practice in order to feel comfortable with my decision: timely appointment, almost aseptic bathrooms, waiting areas, and office, state-of-the-art equipment, and a staff that was welcoming, friendly, efficient, and professional. Your practice met all of my criteria, I am most happy, Dr. Foster is the best - well there just aren't enough superlatives!


Very pleasant experience from the moment of walking to the front desk, all procedures, down to the checkout desk. The whole staff very friendly & helpful, especially Roxanna (Dr. Ahn's assistant). Very professional and attentive to details of my procedure in both eyes.


Dr. Anthony and staff did an awesome job on my eyes. I never realized how much I couldn't see until after the surgery. Wow what an eye-opener. I would surely recommend having this eye surgery by Dr. Anthony.


Dr. Mali and everyone that takes care of my medical attention for my eye care have been supportive and extremely comforting. It has been very stressful to go through this medical experience. The doctor and staff have made this more tolerable. It has been a positive medical trip. Thank You Everyone!

Mr & Mrs Finley

We have been going to Dr. Kasper for years now at the Sun City Office. We wanted you to know that we are more than pleased with him. And also to the assistants and office staff that make our visits and treatments are all top notch. We go back north in the summer and wish that we could take them all back with us. We were truly blessed when we found them.


Great Experience - Fantastic doctor - Dr. Anthony. The doctor called for a check-up after surgery. Wonderful there -  I would recommend to anyone. I will be back for other services.


Excellent care communication and very pleased with my results. The nurses and Dr. Anthony are exceptional. I felt both offices in Bradenton & Ellenton were exceptional. You are doing this right.


I am incredibly happy with the results of my surgery. I never experienced any pain or discoloration. Dr. Anthony is a true artist.


Dr. Anthony is a very sincere surgeon, it was so nice of him to call me at home the night of surgery asking how I felt. You don't see that too often. I would recommend him to ALL my friends & family. And his staff is very professional and always have a smile on their faces.


Everything turned out great! I am pleased with the results - More than pleased! Dr. Anthony and his staff at the Ellenton and surgery center were awesome. Thank you