Calling all Diabetics

It is very important for diabetics to have a yearly eye exam, and in some cases, even more frequently than that. When you are first diagnosed with diabetes, we want to establish a baseline so we can better track any changes in your eyes over time. That may include retinal photography; something that may not […]

COVID – 19 Face Covering Do’s and Don’ts

The CDC recommends that people wear a cloth face covering to  cover their nose and mouth in the community setting. This is to protect people around you if you are infected but do not have symptoms. Here are some FAQ to help you understand the why, the what and the how. When do I need to […]

Contact Lenses and COVID-19

The American Academy of Optometry (AAO) believes that contact lenses can still be safely worn during this pandemic as long as people follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidance on handwashing as well as following their doctor’s strict contact lens hygiene protocols. The research literature is clear on how to prevent contact […]

Finding Help For Your Dry Eye Disease

It is estimated that 33 million Americans have some form of Dry Eye Disease. Tears are more than a means of expressing sadness and joy. They are an essential part of maintaining healthy eyes and good vision. When tears are functioning well, we don’t even think about them. But when they aren’t, we begin to […]

Are you over 40 and been told that LASIK is not the best procedure for you?

Clear Lens Replacement, known as CLR, has become the rage for people over 40 that want to be less dependent on glasses. The new high tech lens implants help with distance, intermediate and near, unlike LASIK that only offers distance vision correction. And the best news is that they will never get a cataract or […]

Remember the ABCDEs of Melanoma!

(A)Asymmetry: One half of the area does not match the other half. (B)Border: The edges are uneven or ragged. (C)Color: The color is not the same all over and may have more than one shade or color present. (D)Diameter: The size is larger than a pencil eraser (6 millimeters). (E)Evolving: Changing  

Important New UV Protection For Your Eyes

Because of the vast research on UV and its harmful effects of skin cancer, we are hyper-sensitive about protecting our skin. But are you taking those same precautions with your eyes? Studies show that only 1 out of 4 people consistently wear sunglasses with UV 400 protection. No matter what weather conditions are, cloudy or […]

6 Warning Signs of a Serious Eye Problem

Do you know when an eye problem requires prompt attention? Some eye issues can be scary, so if you or a loved one experiences any of the following symptoms, I urge you to act quickly. Saving your vision might be at stake. 1) A sudden decrease in vision in one eye… Retinal problems, including a […]

Have You Heard of Serum Tears for Dry Eye Treatment?

By Dr. David Rubin If you have chronic dry eyes, you know the discomfort and the stress associated with this eye condition. Because of aging, or because of medication, or because of some diseases like Sjogren’s, but mostly for unknown reasons, almost 5 million Americans suffer from Dry Eye Disease. You may have tried over-the-counter […]

Some Important Considerations Before Having LASIK

Some important considerations when about having LASIK: Make sure you are examined by your surgeon BEFORE LASIK surgery. It’s important for you to get all your questions answered by the person that is going to be performing your surgery. Ask the surgeon about his/her enhancement rate. It is important to know the skill level of […]