Yes, on top of everything else, those hormone changes that happen with pregnancy also affect you tear production. During pregnancy, eyes tend to be dryer, resulting in more irritation, redness and increased difficulty with contact lens wear. These dry eye symptoms may show up as soon as the second trimester and last several months past the delivery of your bundle of joy. If you are going to breast feed, the tear production changes will persist due to this activity.

Do not consider any refractive surgery during this time, but rely on your glasses until the dryness has resolved. Artificial tears should be kept close by and used at least twice a day. Increase your fluid intake and the use of Omega three supplements if approved by your obstetrician. You may have to pace yourself when it comes to reading, computer use etc… 20-30 minute work periods followed by a couple of good strong blinking lid closures. And do not even think of getting into a staring contest with your newborn, they will win every time!

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