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If you are experiencing flashes, please call our office immediately at toll free 1-866-865-2020 for a comprehensive medical exam. We have a doctor on call after hours and on weekends.

Causes of Flashes
When the vitreous gel is pulling on the retina, it can cause you to see flashes of light or lightning streaks. Often people will think that they are just seeing a light to the side of their head and not realize that it is actually inside their eye. This can sometimes indicate a serious problem and should be checked out immediately. Take note if the flashing lights begin appearing frequently or are associated with sudden changes in vision. Watch for a “curtain” or “veil” that blocks a portion of your peripheral vision. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should contact one of our eye doctors immediately. The sooner the problem is discovered, the better the potential is for preventing vision loss.

The risk for flashes increases with age. Because some people just expect to have poor vision as part of the aging process, they just accept it. But at The Eye Associates, we have the latest technology to give you the best vision possible for your eye and eye conditions. Our well trained and experienced eye doctors will give you a comprehensive dilated eye exam that can detect eye diseases so that if any disease is found, it can be treated as soon as possible.

Check out this video about flashes. View Video