A study at the University of Alabama, School of Medicine compared the accident rate of drivers with cataracts who declined to have cataract surgery against the accident rate of patients who had their cataracts removed. Researchers concluded patients who chose to have cataract surgery had 50% fewer accidents than those who did not have their cataracts removed.

Driving represents freedom and enables people to travel wherever and whenever they wish. Unfortunately, the ability to drive safely can be challenged by a decline in vision caused by cataracts. Having cataracts makes it difficult to see the road, street signs, pedestrians, and other cars. This is especially true in the rain and at night when headlight glare can be blinding. Driving is a big lifestyle issue for seniors. The fear of losing their driver’s license and their independence is often the reason given for deciding to have cataract surgery. The Eye Associates’ cataract surgeons are among the most skilled and well trained surgeons in the United States. Call 1-866-865-2020 for a cataract evaluation with Dr. Robert Friedman, Dr. Cathleen McCabe or Dr. Brian Foster.