Q: Why do computer users need Gunnar digital eyewear?

Over 25 million people are using some type of digital device all day every day. This never ending stream of digital information can lower visual performance and cause Digital Eye Fatigue (DEF). Symptoms of DEF include blurred vision, eye strain, dry eyes, double vision, light sensitivity and headaches.

Q: What relief has GUNNAR glasses given computer users?

  • An immediate and noticeable visual advantage
  • Sharper, clearer vision
  • Less glare/reflective light coming from the digital screen
  • Increased contrast and resolution
  • Less eye fatigue, less eye strain
  • More effectiveness and more productivity for longer periods of time

Q: How do Gunnars accomplish this?

GUNNAR’s has a proprietary i-AMP™ lens technology that includes:

  • The GUNNAR i-Fi™ lens coatings blocks out the glare of artificial lighting, sunlight, the computer screen itself and surrounding surfaces.
  • The GUNNAR fRACTYL™ lens geometry aids the natural focusing power of the eye that allows the cilliary muscles to relax. Additionally, the wrapped geometry of the lens sits close to the eye and face, effectively creating a “microclimate” – keeping the eyes from drying out so much.
  • The GUNNAR iONik™ lens has a specially formulated tint that limits distracting blue light. This tint serves to increase the contrast of the letters and the background, so the images “pop”.

Gunnars come in a wide range of great looking frame styles. Stop by The Optical Gallery to see how you can make your work day easier.