There has been no shortage of tears as we read and hear about the horrible tragedies and totally senseless crimes that fill the news media. Our prayers certainly go out to all affected.

We at The Eye Associates have been busy with a new Serum Tears program, TearLab tears analysis testing system and new nutritional products for our dry eye patients. The serum tears is a product produced from the serum of you own blood, which is diluted and frozen. You may then remove the frozen solution and use it to hydrate your eyes with the natural therapeutic products of your own blood. Enzymes and nutrients only available in blood that would normally be in our tear fluids (if you were not a dry eye patient) are once again available to your dry eyes. The serum tears has been available for years through a few compounding pharmacies, most of them at large university hospitals. Through the research of Dr. Foster, our office is now able to produce this product. It requires a single blood draw to produce a 90 day supply and costs $150.00.

We will soon have the ability to test the osmolarity of your tears in our office. This reading is used to diagnose and monitor the treatment of your dry eye condition. This also used to be available only at large university hospitals, but the availability of a relatively new machine allows us to quickly and painlessly perform this test in most of our offices. There is such a large disconnect between symptoms (how you feel) and the objective findings associated with dry eye syndrome, this test is one of the few laboratory tests available for dry eye diagnoses and therapy assessment.

Wait, there is more! We are now offering an enhanced omega three supplement for our patients. If you have not seen or felt an improvement with you omega three supplement, there is still hope. HydroEye is an enhanced its omega three with an omega-e product, GLA, gamma linolenic acid. Stop by and we will be happy to evaluate you for any or all of these new services.

Let me close by wishing all my readers and dry eye sufferers everywhere a joyous and heartwarming holiday season and my very best wishes for 2013!

– By Richard Hector, MD