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Accredited Dry Eye Center of Excellence

TearLab Accredited Dry Eye Center MedalThe Eye Associates is proud to announce that they have been certified by TearLab as an Accredited Dry Eye Center of Excellence. The doctors at The Eye Associates have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of Dry Eye Disease, and being certified demonstrates our expertise and dedication to providing the highest quality of dry eye care using advanced ophthalmic diagnostic techniques and treatments.

One of the most common clinical challenges faced in eyecare is Dry Eye Disease. Characterized by irritated, scratchy, itchy eyes, dry eyes occur when eyes are not properly lubricated because of insufficient tear production, or unbalanced tear composition. Thanks to new technology, dry eyes can now be treated in ways never before available. One of the latest diagnostic tools is  The TearLab Osmolarity System, which measures tear osmolarity by taking a small sample of the patient’s tears to see how “dry” they really are.

Infographic on the Unhealthy Tear Film on Your Vision

graphic of the usage of tearlabTreatment is then prescribed based on the measurements from the TearLab. Treatments range from Omega 3 supplements, tear replacement drops, punctal plugs, anti- inflammatory drops, oral antibiotics, prescription strength artificial tears, eyelid correction surgery and amniotic membrane, just to name a few. “This analysis of a patient’s tear fluids has set a new ‘standard of care’ for those who suffer from Dry Eye Disease,” commented Dry Eye Specialist, Dr. Scott Han. “We are so pleased to be a certified Dry Eye Center and offer our patients the latest treatments available.

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The road to Dry Eye Wellness begins with an appointment with one of our Board Certified Eye Physicians. They will evaluate the health of your eye and make a CustomEyes recommendation for you. Our Dry Eye Spa coordinator with make sure that you get the treatments needed.

To find comfort for your dry eyes, make an appointment for a dry eye evaluation. Call toll free 1-866-865-2020 or contact The Eye Associates today!