Conjunctivochalasis (CCH)

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Conjunctivochalasis or CCH is often misdiagnosed or overlooked because the symptoms are very similar to Dry Eye Disease. 

Between the eye and the eyelid is a thin clear layer of tissue called conjunctiva. The conjunctiva extends from the edge of your cornea to the inside of the eyelid. It acts like a pocket that holds a reservoir of tears, keeping the eyes lubricated and comfortable. For some people, this tissue can loosen and wrinkle with age, disrupting the normal process of keeping the eyes healthy with tears. This condition is called conjunctivochalasis. Due to the wrinkling and loosening of the tissue, tears are forced out and the eyes become dry, irritated, and vision can decline.

Drops, ointments, and even prescription medications that are effective for dry eye disease do not resolve CCH. Your doctor may recommend a surgical treatment of CCH. The procedure involves removing excess conjunctival tissue and replacing it with an amniotic membrane tissue graft that adheres without stitches. Amniotic membrane has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-scarring properties that actively promotes the healing process and reduces discomfort after surgery. Smooth, healthy conjunctiva replaces the amniotic membrane graft in a few days. After the ocular surface is restored, patients can expect improvement in dryness and irritation.

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