From Smart TV’s to Smart Contact Lenses

Google Unveils Smart Contact Lens Project to Monitor Glucose

Google begins developing a Smart Contact lens to monitor changes in the eye for Glucose. The technology may bring many other medical breakthroughs for better healthcare.

Power Blink! Help for your Dry Eyes.

<img alt="man with eyes wide open for start of the power blink"

This is the starting point of a POWER BLINK.

For those of you who follow my blog, you know that I put a lot of weight into good quality blinks. Want your eyes to feel better? Start by practicing the POWER BLINK on a regular basis! When you are reading, driving, and especially when you are on the computer, you actually blink less. It is estimated that during those activities, your blink rate is reduced by 70%. Yes, I said 70%. And remember that not blinking is to your eyes like not breathing is to your lungs.

What is a POWER BLINK?

A strong, full blink wipes away the old tear film and distributes a nice fresh tear lake full of nutrients and relief.

More Information about the Power of Blinking and Dry Eye Disease

We know from previous studies that people with dry eyes do not blink well, but a recent study revealed two interesting facts about blinking. Many do not close their eyes completely nor do they blink as often as those without dry eyes. The length of their blinks were also measured, and not surprisingly, when they do blink, they hold their eyes closed 2.5 times longer. So, is it the chicken or the egg? Do you develop dry eyes because you do not blink as often, or do you not blink as often because you have dry eyes? Do dry eye patients avoid blinking because when they do blink, they have to hold their eyes closed longer which is disconcerting when you are reading, on the computer, driving or even trying to carry on a conversation with someone?

So start practicing your POWER BLINK right now. Give your eyes a full, strong, eyes-completely-closed BLINK.

Richard Hector, MD

Fellowship Trained Corneal & Dry Eye Specialist




“Boot Camp” Eyelid Exercises


Like other muscle groups, the more you use your eyelid muscles the stronger they are, and the better they will protect your eyes. I recommend to my patients that they do “boot camp” eyelid exercises. All you have to do is squeeze your eyes shut so that you do not see any light and hold that tight squeeze. Think back to when you were 5 years old and you were pretending to be a sleep when your mother came to check on you. You squeezed your eyes closed so hard that you couldn’t figure out how she knew you were actually awake. Now before opening your eyes, relax your eyelid muscles to a natural closed eye, and then gently open them. Repeat this at least three times every twenty minutes. Think 20/20. Twenty minutes of work, twenty seconds of relaxation exercises. Now pretend your mother is in the room with you, what else are you going to do? Right, sit up straight, no slouching. Poor posture does create more neck muscle fatigue, and poor circulation which affects your dry eyes. Slouching also creates bad “photo op” of which your friends and family will take advantage of and post on Facebook for the world to see.  By Richard Hector, MD

What do I do if I get a damaging liquid in my eye?

If you inadvertently put the wrong liquid into your eyes, immediately rinse with lots of plain water or saline solution. This is one of those times where the old eye cups would be useful. When you are done rinsing, use a thicker artificial tear solution, such as a gel, to re-lubricate your eyes. If you have persistent pain, redness or blurred vision, by all means call our office. There is a doctor on call 24/7 who can advise you if immediate attention is needed.

If something more toxic, such as drain cleaner, battery acid, ammonia based cleaning products, dry wall or concrete dust, gets into your eyes, a trip to the emergency room nearest to you is recommended. A full 20 minutes of continuous, thorough rinsing and pH testing are needed to completely remove these products. …..BUT, before you go to the emergency room, do an immediate rinse wherever you are. I do not care if you rinse with a garden hose. The faster your eyes are washed out and the toxic solution diluted the better. Even a 5 minute ride to the hospital can be more than enough time for potentially blinding damage to occur if these solutions are present full strength. It is common to be concerned if the word acid is in a description of the fluid, but solutions with the opposite pH called bases, such as ammonia, can cause much more rapid and severe damage to your eyes.

By Richard Hector, MD

Be Safe With Your Eye Drops


The New Year is a good time to take a few minutes to SEPARATE your artificial tear bottles and all your eye drops from ALL other similar containers. Let me say that again…. Now is a good time to take a few minutes to SEPARATE your artificial tear bottles and all your eye drops from other similar containers! We see it every day in our office when a patient has pick up what they thought was their artificial tears and placed a drop of ear wax remover, etc into their eye. Luckily some of these solutions can be easily rinsed out but some like glue cannot.

OK…On your mark, get set, GO!!! Separate your bottles of tears from all similar products now! Don’t think it can’t happen to you.

By Richard Hector, MD