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Protect Your Driving Privileges

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Driving and Good Vision

Driving is a vital part of maintaining an independent lifestyle. That is why it is so important that you do all you can to maintain good vision so that our license is not put in jeopardy.

Don’t risk having an auto accident or losing your license. Call 1-866-865-2020 today for a cataract evaluation!

A Study About Cataracts and Drivers

A study of patients with cataracts compared the number of car accidents of those having had cataract surgery with those that had not. It found that cataract surgery patients had 50 percent fewer car accidents compared to those who did not have the surgery, concluding that cataract surgery benefits older drivers by enhancing vision and helping them to become safer drivers. In fact, after cataract surgery, many patients actually experience better vision than they had before they developed cataracts, giving patients a lifetime of better vision and safer driving.

Some classic symptoms that you might experience when driving if you have cataracts are:

  • Getting too close to other cars
  • Not being able to read signs
  • Bumping into curbs when parking
  • Double images
  • Hitting other cars (I hope you come to see us before this happens!)

One of the most common symptoms that finally brings people in for a cataract evaluation is frightening symptom of glare at night while driving. Cataracts can gradually develop over time and you may not notice the decrease vision during the day. But many people actually stop driving at night because of the blinding glare around lights at night, caused by cataracts. It is very dangerous to continue to drive when you are not seeing well. Don’t take a chance of losing your license or worse yet, harming yourself and/or others.

Have you stopped driving at night because of glare. Call 1-866-865-2020 today for a cataract evaluation!