Some important considerations when about having LASIK:

  • Make sure you are examined by your surgeon BEFORE LASIK surgery. It’s important for you to get all your questions answered by the person that is going to be performing your surgery.
  • Ask the surgeon about his/her enhancement rate. It is important to know the skill level of your
  • surgeon and how often a second procedure is needed.
  • Ask what other refractive procedures that your LASIK surgeon performs. Today there are
  • many types of vision correction procedures. You want to know that your surgeon is qualified to
  • perform them all and will choose the best procedure for your eyes.
  • Ask about your surgeon’s qualifications and how many procedures she/he had performed.
  • Do your research BEFORE scheduling LASIK surgery. Price advertising is not always what it
  • seems. Make sure that the pricing includes the latest technology, your level of prescription, and all the visits that you will need to complete your care.

LASIK is a wonderful procedure and one that can easily change one’s life for the better. You only have one set of precious eyes. Only trust yours to the best!

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