Prabin Mishra, MD, PhD

Former Beverly Hills surgeon, Dr. Mishra, has extensive training with Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bernard Koire and Dr. Auto Fisser of Rome, Italy. He is experienced in the fields of cosmetic and oculoplastic surgery. Dr. Prabin Mishra served as a professor at Michigan State and Colorado State University and as a lecturer at Cornell University. He brings with him a gentle manner, an enhanced skill level, and an eye for detail to yield the most natural look possible and help his patients meet their goals.

Born in India, Dr. Mishra has traveled extensively around the world and has even lived in India, Europe, Canada, and Australia. He has been living in the USA for 45 years and in Florida for the past 20 years.

Dr. Mishra enjoys spending time with his family and on his farm. He has a passion for charity and offers treatments for battered women and cancer patients.

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