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My biggest problem with my eyes was uncontrollable itching. Almost every day I had to rub my eyes hard at night until I went to bed. Hot compresses and showers provided temporary relief, but OTC drops did not seem to help - even those new ones advertised on TV specifically designed to stop the itching. At Eye Associates, Dr. Vandenberg did a complete exam and along with his prognosis on my aging eye health (I'm 76), he recommended serum tears made from my blood to be used four times a day. They worked! The itching was reduced little-by-little over a few months until they finally stopped any itching at all. He initially prescribed a steroid eye drop that helped in the beginning but could only be used for short durations while the serum tears can be used indefinitely. These tears and the blood taking needed to produce them are not covered by my Medicare Advantage Plan and cost a few hundred dollars a year out-of-pocket, but they are worth much more to me.

5 stars 5
Very understandin of patient who speaks limited english allowing interpreter to listen and speak over phone.
5 stars 5
Dr Davis made me feel confident regarding my eye heath

5 stars 5
Dr made me feel very at ease and he was very gentle with my eyes!!

5 stars 5
Dr McCabe, thank you so very much for taking me as a patient and for removing the Cataracs from my eyes. And thank you most of all for removing the Astigmatism from both eyes. You are the best.Again thank you for everything you did for me.Very sincerely,Marilyn A Desenberg.

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